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AC Milan Academy

AC Milan, the Professional Football Club with the highest number of wins to its credit, has now bought Footballmaster. One of the coaches of the academy, Mr. Pietro Lietti, thinks this will be an important tool for developing basic technique for aspiring serious Soccer / Football players for many future generations to come. We look forward to continuing our cooperation With AC Milan Academy.

Filippo Giovagnoli, Recommends Footballmaster

Filippo Giovagnoli, Head-Coach Metropolitan Oval Academy, NY USA, and former Technical Director of AC Milan’s Junior Camps in Italy and throughout the United States, and Head-Coach of the Italian Soccer Training Exchange Program based in new York, believes that Footballmaster is the best tool on the market for training important core skills such as passing, receiving and First-Touch. He states: “Our players can`t leave the machine alone even on their breaks; so it is both inspiring and fun to use. It also helps the coaches and players to keep focus. The competitions you can use for testing the players skills and progress is brilliant. Footballmaster also builds self-confidence. I highly recommend Footballmaster.”Thank you Footballmaster!

Parent of Oscar, Aspiring Young Football / Soccer player, Recommends Footballmaster

“My son Oscar is 9 years old and has just adopted the Footballmaster. I have allready noticed improvements in passing, receiving, First-Touch, and headers. This video shows more play with ball, but I will post a video later on showing how effective this can be used for home training sessions. Thank you for your services!”

Thank you Footballmaster!

We were super excited to provide the Footballmaster to our players here in Sydney, however I think the players were more excited. However, importantly the Footballmaster symbolizes the basic skills in football,nevertheless, with creativity. The primary focus of Footballmaster on our understanding is to challenge a player’s technical skill capability and importantly bring them out of the comfort zone.

Leandro Pinto
ELLË Football Academy

Høland IL, Believes Footballmaster is the Best Deal

Høland IL, prestigious Norwegian Sports Club in Operation since 1902, is very happy to have bought multiple Footballmaster PRO units. Lena Wahlberg, Director at the club, states: “they are constantly used, and even 6-7-year-old kids use it. This is the best deal we have ever done. Best regards, Lena Wahlberg, Høland IL.”

Lars Tjærnås recommends using Footballmaster

Lars Tjærnås, former Head-Coach of the National Norwegian Youth Soccer Team, tested Footballmaster and believes it is by far the best training tool for technical training in Football / Soccer on the market today. Lars also states that, to be good and confident, it`s all about practice and the number of repetitions. That is exactly what Footballmaster achieves, as it combines the number of repetitions with precision and variety in an excellent manner. “The future of the game of Football / Soccer will place greater and greater demand on basic technique, whereby Footballmaster will prove to be the perfect companion,” says Lars Tjærnås. We are pleased that Lars, holding one of Europe’s highest coaching education to his credit, strongly believes in Footballmaster and the value it provides.

Hank Steinbrecher Strongly Recommends Footballmaster

Hank Steinbrecher, former U.S. Soccer CEO/Secretary General US Soccer Federation and member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame, one the highest authorities on Soccer / Football in the USA and the world, recipient of Werner Fricker Builder Award, which is awarded to an individual who has worked tirelessly in furthering the interest of the sport of soccer without regard to personal recognition or advancement through decades of professional experience in Soccer / Football as a professional player, coach, and promoter of the sport, voted as a Lifetime Member of the United States Soccer Federation in 2003, and more.., says:

“Footballmaster is very innovative, and unlike anything else that exists today in the market. Having been active in Soccer / Football all my life, as a player, coach and executive, I believe Footballmaster provides tremendous value in improving the important technical aspects of any serious player’s game: passing, receiving & touch, which constitutes over 80% of the game. Developed in Norway, the product has benefits to any player or coach. It is a perfect teaching tool, and should be part of any training regimen. Footballmaster is a terrific training aid to develop touch. It will benefit all players regardless of age, gender or level of play.

Cooperation with Niklas Gunnarsson, Norway National Team Player U23

Niklas has trained a lot on The Footballmaster PRO for developing basic technique. He states the following:

“Footballmaster PRO helped me take the last little step in becoming a confident Premier player. It is a class Product”

Valentin Fux, St. Niklaus Football Club, Switzerland, Recommends Footballmaster

Valentin Fux, trainer with prestigious St. Niklaus Football Club, Valais, Switzerland, states:
“We are convinced of the Footballmaster PRO. Our team started training with four Footballmasters in October 2015. The Footballmaster is used around 15 to 20 minutes in each workout. Footballmaster helps the player mastering basic technique faster. Players can train the left and right foot-intensive, which ultimately increases their quality. We recommend the Footballmaster because you can use it for many different exercises and team-internal competition.”