To master a good pass in Football / Soccer, you need accuracy and repetition. As they say, “Practice makes Perfect…”

How is it possible to achieve accuracy, and how do you secure a mechanism to allow you to initiate and receive thousands of passes in a controlled, accurate and measurable environment?

That is exactly why our Founder, Hans Børge P. Lien, former professional player with Odds Ballklubb, Norwegian Top Division Football / Soccer club founded in 1894, which has won the prestigious Norwegian Football Cup more than any other team in history, invented Footballmaster.

Footballmaster is designed to enable players to master initiating and receiving up to 1000 quality passes in 30-minute drills.

That is why Footballmaster has received wide recognition for its patented mechanism, and raving endorsements industry wide in the world of Football / Soccer, from Professional Players, to Coaches, Administrators, Officials, serious Youth Players/Footballers and Parents.

Check out our YouTube channel. There are lots of videos showing Coaches and Players how to get the maximum out of Footballmaster. If you have made one yourself, please send them to us at, or simply post them to our Facebook Site.