Masteruser in each club

When a Club buys Footballmaster, we stand ready to assist the club in getting the maximum out of it.

As a result, we recommend that every Club designates one or two coaches to become Masterusers. Masterusers can then provide assistance and guidance to other Coaches in the club, enabling the entire team to get the maximum out of Footballmaster.

We will provide Masterusers with information, drills, and inspiration. For every new Coach using Footballmaster, your club will witness a surge in the number of passes your players will engage in, prior to training, during training, and after training. During games, this will result in your team keeping possession of the ball longer, and hence having a better chance at scoring goals, depriving the other team from having a chance to score goals, and ultimately increasing your odds of winning games.

Simply provide us with the contact information for the Coaches you want to designate as Masterusers, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and we will follow-up with them.