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Almost 90% of all passes in Football / Soccer are made on the ground. That´s why passing and first touch is our main focus. You can train alone, with a friend or with your team. Try our fun competitions, they really get you and your teammates going.

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Buy Footballmaster to Master First-Touch & Other Skills in Soccer / Football. Otherwise, Those who have Mastered First-Touch will Out-Play You and Beat You.

Inventet in Norway

Footballmaster is invented in Norway, Europe, and has been awarded Patent. The inventor of Footballmaster is Hans Børge P. Lien, former professional player with Odds Ballklubb, Norwegian Top Division Football.

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AC Milan, the Professional Football Club with the highest number of wins to its credit, has now bought Footballmaster. One of the coaches of the academy, Mr. Pietro Lietti, thinks this will be an important tool for developing basic technique for aspiring serious Soccer / Football players for many future generations to come. We look forward to continuing our cooperation With AC Milan Academy.

AC Milan Academy

Footballmaster is very innovative, and unlike anything else that exists today in the market. Having been active in Soccer / Football all my life, as a player, coach and executive, I believe Footballmaster provides tremendous value in improving the important technical aspects of any serious player’s game: passing, receiving & touch, which constitutes over 80% of the game. It is a perfect teaching tool, and should be part of any training regimen. Footballmaster is a terrific training aid to develop touch. It will benefit all players regardless of age, gender or level of play.

Hank Steinbrecher

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